Helpful tips on relocating to a new neighborhood from Coldwell Banker Carroll Realty, Inc

Tips On Relocating To A New Neighborhood

When you are moving to a new neighborhood there are many factors you will want to consider and checklist items to accomplish. Besides the obvious of finding homes within your budget, relocating means weighing commute times, transferring the necessary utilities, local hang-outs, etc.

Moving is always more stressful than we think it will be, no matter how far the move is.

Here we’ve compiled a checklist of moving tips to help you on your way.


The Neighborhood

Before you make your big move, the very first step is, of course, to find a good neighborhood. Do your research on housing prices and construction activities, commute times to work and schools and the school district itself. You will also need to consider the safety of the area and if the home you like is near places your family visits (parks, restaurants, bars, museums, etc.). Relocating is much easier on your stress levels when you are confident and excited about the community.


Transfer the Utilities and Mailing Address

This may seem like a no-brainer for those who move more frequently, but the task of switching mail and utilities to the new address is often put at the bottom of the list. Get in touch with your current utility providers, at least 3 weeks before moving out. If you happen to be moving within the same town or locally within the same state, then request a transfer of the utilities to the new house or apartment shortly before moving day so you have what you need already switched on.


In case of a cross-country move, request disconnection of the household utilities from the current providers and look for new utility companies in the destination town. We recommend doing this a week before you move in.


Next, change your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS), so that you can continue to receive your mail without any interruption. Thanks to the digital age, there are now 4 convenient ways to change your address:


  • Online – Use the Official USPS Change-of-Address form.
  • In person by visiting the closest USPS office
  • By mail – printing out the PS Form 3575
  • By phone – Call 1-800-ASK-USPS and follow the pre-recorded instructions to change your address.


Smart Packing

Making the moving process easier and more efficient with a packing strategy that works for your household. A few packing rules we like to follow:

  • Begin packing your stuff as early as possible – packing for a move is the most time-demanding task on your moving checklist.
  • Cut packing costs by finding free, used boxes. You may even have some tucked away from online shopping.
  • Pack a few boxes filled with essential items that you will need right away until you get reunited with the rest of your household items.
  • Label each box as soon as it’s been packed – write down the contents & the destination it will belong to.


Moving Help

If it’s within your budget, hiring a moving company can be much more convenient and quicker than enlisting friends or family to help. You should hire a moving company especially if you are moving across state lines or even if the new house is more than a couple hours away from the current. Your real estate agent will be able to recommend trusted and experienced moving companies!

If you are on a tighter budget and/or the move is a relatively short distance, request help from close friends and family and make multiple trips with the vehicles at hand rather than renting a moving truck (if your larger furniture allows, of course).


Explore the Neighborhood

Unpacking may be the first thing on your mind when you get moved into a new home. But taking breaks between boxes can make the move more enjoyable and less monotonous. Go for an exploratory trip around your new neighborhood to get a feel of the environment around you. Consider introducing yourself to your new neighbors and ask for information about the community. This is the best way to start to feel at home!

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