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Four Benefits of Living in an HOA Neighborhood

As a tenant or homeowner, or as someone currently in the homebuying process, you may be wondering what an HOA is and what the benefits of living in an HOA neighborhood are. An HOA, or a homeowners association is a non-profit organization dedicated to managing a common-interest development.


What do you, as a tenant or homeowner, get in return for the HOA fees you will have to pay regularly? A well-established HOA should be able to provide you and your family with many benefits, including:

1. High Property Values

One of the best benefits of an HOA is your property value being protected. As a homebuyer  who invested a great deal of money into your new home, you obviously want to make sure the property retains, and ideally increases in value. While you have control on how your property looks, you can’t control the rest of the neighborhood. This is where HOAs come in.

Because homeowners usually need to seek permission to make any structural changes to their property, the HOA has control over the aesthetic consistency and overall appeal of the neighborhood. Typically there are rules in place involving landscaping, trash, types of decor, and vehicle, rv, or boat parking. These rules are in place for one particular goal — to make sure the shared community looks appealing and, therefore, keeping property values high.

2. Landscaping is Taken Care Of

As a homeowner, especially with a large front or backyard, how many hours will you spend painstakingly laboring over your yard? When you live in an HOA, depending on their rules, the answer is usually none. Your monthly association fees usually include these landscaping costs. That means the HOA will find a professional landscaping company to take care of the community’s needs. Instead of spending every other Saturday trimming your trees and mowing your lawn, join an HOA and have them do it for you.

3. Community Amenities

Not all homeowners associations have the same amenities, but many offer a wide variety that members have access to. This includes the neighborhood clubhouses, community pools, tennis or basketball courts, fitness centers, and playgrounds. Also, compared to their public counterparts, HOA amenities are also usually safer, less crowded, and well maintained.


4. Handle Disputes with Neighbors

Living in an HOA community means that there are certain regulations and policies you must follow. These regulations exist with the comfort of everyone in mind, and everyone in the neighborhood must observe them. For example, if a nearby neighbor is hosting loud parties constantly, in violation of an HOA covenant, then that’s a violation.

The good news is, you don’t have to confront your neighbors on your own. The HOA has various means to enforce the HOA rules and regulations, so you can peacefully let them handle it for you.

When evaluating whether HOA living is right for you, it’s important to look at its pros and cons for your situation. The benefits include preserving your property values, having access to well-maintained amenities, and benefiting from a sundry of inclusive services (such as landscaping). Speak with your Coldwell Banker Carroll Realty, Inc agent today to learn more about a community with an HOA that you’re interested to see if it’s right for you.

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