Staging makes small areas more appealing

When selling, staging can be key to convincing buyers your property is for them and compelling them to make an offer. It is well known that light wall colors and a neutral palette give an airy feel. Mirrors can also do much to open up an area when placed strategically.

Buyers like to see a full size sofa in the living room. Consider removing side tables to make additional space for one. Otherwise, avoid overstuffed styles that are out of proportion to the room.

Large bed frames will take up more than their share of space in the bedroom. Putting the side of the bed against a wall is less appealing, so use a smaller bed size if necessary.

Since bathrooms are naturally among the smallest rooms in the house, special attention should be given in these areas. Resist using bold colors on the walls or sharp contrasts. Instead, opt for a neutral look. White equals clean, appealing and new.