Author: coldwellbanker

A few new tips when buying your first home

Its easy to get excited about a fun feature in a potential home and overlook that there’s only one bathroom…for five bedrooms! Before visiting a property help yourself to stay focused by making a list of your “Must-Haves” as well as what you’d consider your deal breakers or “”Must-Not-Haves”. Take this list with you and … Continue Reading

Staging makes small areas more appealing

When selling, staging can be key to convincing buyers your property is for them and compelling them to make an offer. It is well known that light wall colors and a neutral palette give an airy feel. Mirrors can also do much to open up an area when placed strategically. Buyers like to see a … Continue Reading

3 smart moves for first-time home buyers

It’s time! For what you ask? To buy your first home. You’re excited and we want you to be as prepared as possible for the process and to make the right decisions. Once of the biggest challenges first-time home buyers have is lack of cash. Yes, generally down payment cash is lower since there is … Continue Reading